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Getting Started

Putting the client first.  At Marion Investment Advisors, we do not place limitations on the client's investment options. We do not move accountability to another source and charge the client a fee for doing so.  We believe in educating the investor so he/she understands how their portfolio is structured and how the pieces fit together.

A client-centric process helps identify key investment factors. With these factors, together, we build a portfolio for the specific needs of the investor.

When there is a need to make adjustments your financial advisor contacts you to discuss the choices available. Sometimes you meet at your kitchen table, sometimes by phone, or maybe you stop by the Marion Investment Advisors office. You always have input as to where your money is being invested and why.

Items to consider when building a portfolio include, but are not limited to:

  1. Tolerance for market fluctuation
  2. Investment knowledge
  3. Goal of the portfolio
  4. Retirement needs
  5. Time frame
  6. Outside risks

It only takes a phone call or email to get started.  It's your money and you should know where it is invested and why.