Marion Investment Advisors. LLC

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Why work with us?

If it’s what you are thinking then let’s not ignore the white elephant in the living room.  The initial response to the question is; how much time do you have?  This could take awhile.  Below are a few reasons. 

  1. The client’s best interest comes first.  Always.
  2. Our experience.  If you review our company tab, you will see that each person has experience and a reason for doing what we do.  We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.
  3. Non-biased recommendations.  We are not bound to a particular company, therefore, you can rest assured our recommendations are what we believe to be right for you.  We provide options and explain how they affect you, as opposed to telling you what to do and convince you to agree.
  4. We don’t categorize people's needs based on a fact sheet designed to tell us what box to put you in so we can move on to the next person.  Your needs are specific to you, as are our recommendations.
  5. We are accountable for our suggestions.  We don’t move decision making to corporate or a third party.  We stand behind what we propose.
  6. We educate.  Most people want to understand more about what’s available, how it pertains to them, and why it’s important.  The more informed you are the better decisions you make.
  7. We offer hands on, or active, client relationships.  We set up meetings with our clients on a regular basis.  If something requires your immediate attention we call to discuss options, or come out to sit with you to explain it.
  8. We are accessible.  Our office is in Columbia and we welcome clients to stop by.  Maybe it’s to discuss a change, have an espresso, or just to chat, we are here.  You might enjoy a trip to our office just to see what new artwork has been added.
  9. We are not pretentious.  We understand what’s being discussed is important to you and feeling intimidated should not be part of the process.  Our office culture is reflected in our attitude and the decor of the building where we work.  We place substance over sparkle.
  10. We value our independence and pass that benefit onto you.  We have the privilege of being able to choose what's appropriate for you; unencumbered by corporate memos telling us what is appropriate, or to push the latest trend, which may be here today and gone tomorrow.  You might call us a maverick for the client.  That excites us.  That motivates us.  And that is a good thing for you.
  11. Client service.  We believe doing some things the ol’ fashion way is best.  Service and accountability are two of those things.

If you would like more information, contact us by phone or email.  We are always happy to discuss the many reasons to work with us!