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Marion Investment Advisors. LLC

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From the owner:

At age 15, with a job as a bag boy at a grocery store, my first job was driving an ice cream truck but let's not count that one, I began putting 10% of my paycheck into a savings account. From day one it was beaten into my head to do so, as was the fact I would not miss the money, and I needed to build a nest egg for my future.

At twenty five I began investing money in the market using a variety of investment concepts. I read books, magazines, watched the news, and attended seminars, as the internet did not exist.

With a nest egg for retirement being the goal, what happens when the goal is achieved was never explained. At age 40, mission accomplished, I retired. Upon retirement I learned what I wish someone, anyone, had explained to me earlier. The unknown-unknown. If you don't know, then how do you get answers, and who do you ask? If you don't know and meet an advisor, how do you know what to ask?

Going from accumulation to distribution is a totally different experience and requires a different approach.

Well, I figured it out and I'm willing to share the knowledge. Maybe take a moment and read, The Seven Deadly Sins Committed by the Individual Investor, which shares more of my experiences in life and investing. It's a free download on the website, or reach out to me if you want a print copy.

Marion Investment Advisors LLC, providing financial advice and insurance, was founded in 2008 by Edward M. Marion. His family has been in South Carolina since before the American Revolution, and he is a descendant of General Francis Marion ‘The Swamp Fox’. Edward is a native South Carolinian.

By wanting to make non-biased recommendations without limitations, Edward decided the best way to remain true to the client is to break free of corporate mandates and obligations. After working for several years with a well-known company, in 2010 he joined LPL Financial, *the largest independent Broker/Dealer in the United States, opened his office and never looked back. Since the inception of Marion Investment Advisors, Edward has been building a team of like-minded, highly ethical representatives that believe in working for the client, not a corporation. Marion Investment Advisors is what it was meant to be.

For Edward Marion it’s simple: “You treat people in the manner you wish to be treated. You give them the time needed so they may understand their investments.  You educate people about their options. Remember you work for the client.  Always, always, do what’s in the client’s best interest.”

* According to Financial Planning Magazine, 1996 – 2014, based on total revenue.