Account Types

At Marion Investment Advisors we offer three types of accounts for our clients. Our culture to not have limitations carriers forward to all aspects of working with us. We do not put everyone into the same box.

Fee Based: For an established annual fee, based on a percent of the accounts value, trades and re-balancing are at no additional charge, it is an all-inclusive cost option. 

Pay Per Trade: When trades are made a charge is incurred on the account. If a client only wants to have costs when activity occurs, this may be the right option.

Per hour consulting: Hourly charges for time spent with an advisor. This is helpful for self-managed accounts or accounts held elsewhere but the client wants the opinion of a trusted representative.

Filling in the gaps: Acknowledging that there is more than investment planning and insurance, we have established relationships with other professionals. Which include:

  1. Accounting
  2. Elder Law
  3. Estate Planning
  4. Debt reduction
  5. Insurance