Three Stages of Investing

Investing has three stages, each requiring a different investment strategy


The period of putting money in with the intent being that it will grow in value. It’s a common belief that until age fifty, putting money in may be a challenge.


Emphasis is on keeping what has been accumulated, as opposed to the risk of overreaching to accumulate more.


When out-flow begins. To the owner, some other person, or an entity. At some point someone will start taking money out.

Running out of money is the biggest fear of most people. 
- published by AARP, 2019

It’s the opinion of Edward Marion, owner of Marion Investment Advisors, that there is a lot information about the accumulation phase, but preservation and distribution are barely mentioned. Moving from accumulation investments and into more traditionally stable strategies can help with preservation. Distribution however, is a totally different experience that most are not familiar with. Edward has personally been through all three stages and created strategies for all of the stages.

Through his personal experiences, lots of reading, and many seminars, Edward succeeded in each phase and is willing to share the gained knowledge with his clients. Take a moment and read, An Investing Philosophy, a free download on this website, or send an email if you want a print copy.

If you are ready for a pragmatic, common sense approach to investing, by someone who has been there, then Marion Investment Advisors, LLC is the place to go.