Why work with us?

Let’s not ignore the white elephant in the room.

Why would someone reach out to Marion Investment Advisors?

  1. The client’s best interest comes first. Always.
  2. Our experience. If you review our company tab, you should see that each person has practical industry experience and a passion for helping people. It’s not about commissions and corporate agendas.
  3. Objective recommendations based upon what we believe to be right for you.
  4. We provide options and explain how they affect you, as opposed to telling you what to do and convincing you to agree.
  5. We don’t categorize people's needs in order to fit you into a predetermined box. 
  6. We are accountable for our suggestions and stand behind what we propose.
  7. We offer active client relationships. We set up meetings on a regular basis and if something requires your immediate attention, we will call you to discuss options.
  8. We are accessible and welcome clients to stop by. Maybe to discuss a change, have an espresso, visit the downtown area, or just to chat, we are here.
  9. We are not pretentious. We understand what’s being discussed is important to you and intimidating you should not be part of the process. Our office culture is reflected in our attitude and the decor of the historic house where we work.
  10. We value our independence and pass that benefit onto you. We have the privilege of being able to propose what's appropriate for you; unencumbered by corporate memos and mandates we are an advocate for the client.

Reach out to us for more information as we are always happy to discuss the many reasons to work with us!